PL-38 Power Shrug / Dead Lift

PL-38 Power Shrug / Dead Lift

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Standard Frame Colors

Platinum, Black, White

Additional Frame Colors

Forest Green, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Hot Sauce, Camel, Red, Dark Purple, Orange, Bright Yellow, Maroon


Power Shrug Plus Dead Lift

2″x 3″ 11 Guage steel construction.
Large non-slip foot plate.
Radial bearings at all pivot points.
Handles with custom rubber grips.
Weight plate storage.
Durable powdercoat finish.


Frames, Welds, Weight Stacks – 10 Years Friction Free Bearings, CAMS, Guide Rods, Bushings, Pulley Wheels – 5 Years Cables – 2 Years Upholstery, Pop Pins – 1 Year Polyurethane Rollers, Neoprene Rollers, Foam Rollers, Cosmetic Items Not Specified – 90 Days Note: All Warranties are limited to Manufacturer defects.