The Thruster

This unique piece draws its name from its functional design intended to replicate the motion set forth when an athlete explodes forward from starter blocks in track, a three-point stance in football, a contested rebound in basketball, or even when a runner sprints off the base in baseball. There are multiple disciplines and sports that draw on the ability to explode with fast-twitch muscles while engaging your slow-twitch muscles for power and stability.

The Thruster’s unique capability to replicate this movement in continuous repetition and against independent resistance for each side of the lower body sets it apart from other training equipment such as sleds, dummies or jump racks. Add to its advantages a design that requires complete engagement of the abdominal core in order to maintain the proper exercise stance and you have a unique piece that can be the anchor of individual strength routines or targeted circuit training.


Frames, Welds, Weight Stacks – 10 Years
Friction Free Bearings, CAMS, Guide Rods, Bushings, Pulley Wheels – 5 Years Cables – 2 Years
Upholstery, Pop Pins – 1 Year
Polyurethane Rollers, Neoprene Rollers, Foam Rollers, Cosmetic Items Not Specified – 90 Days

Note: All Warranties are limited to Manufacturer defects.